Make it to me

So sick of this lonely air
It seems such a waste of breath
So much that I need to say
So much to get off my chest

I’ve just had two days off and I’m so bored I can’t wait to go back to work.

My housemate and her bf constantly argue and I mean constantly, apart from once a week when they shag. Hence I’m looking for a new house, maybe closer to the city centre so I don’t have to die from loneliness over here. Not a shop. Not a gym. Not a pub. Nothing.

My heart is still broken. The girl is his colleague. I’m sure about it. It’s funny. When I was on holiday with my ex and there was a colleague that kept phoning him and texting him he said that was because “she is so good at her job and dedicated”. That was the one he was shagging. C. used the exact same words to describe this person. It’s not just a couple of months, I’m sure has been so much more. I was thinking to text M. and ask him what is so wrong with me. He should have the answer. And the fact that I’m not into him anymore could help. I don’t know that was just a thought. I still can’t believe. I really can’t.



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