As I was telling you a few weeks ago, this guy I kind of like has shagged one of my friends.
We are a group of 7 girls, but we all have very different taste in men. I’m not saying that has not happen in the past that two o my friends has been with the same guy, but it never happen to me.

Anyway, I was extremely embarassed when I told V. that I like him. Her answer has been “Yeah girl! You go for it!Shag him till dies!”

So when yesterday I was working and one of my colleague from my second job told me the guy was in the bar where I work I thought that was nice. When I realised that who he stopped for a drink with was V. I literally panic. Honestly. I put my trainers on and went for a walk up in the mountains, I stopped at a view point and tried to remember how does it feels to breath.

I messaged her saying “So what you meet the guy and forget to tell me?” and she was like “Oh it just happened, I was with a friend and he passed by and stopped. The other girl left and I kept him company for lunch and when he left he even paid for me.” I felt broken again. The little pieces of me that I really made an effort to keep together were shattered. Again.

Friends don’t do that. Or they say it. They put you in good light. They want what’s good for you. They want to make you happy. Or at least to me. That’s what I would have done if I was in her position.

I kept quiet for a couple of hours and then I told her.

I don’t need more crap in my life. I don’t need crappy shady people. I want to be happy. I deserve it.



One Reply to “Betrayed”

  1. I spent the whole morning reading through your posts, I think I’ve found someone I can really relate to. Stay Strong. Things get better. If you ever need someone to talk to- definitely let me know- I’d love to chat with you.
    – Sidd.


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