Somewhere beyond the sea..

How weird does it feel when you start looking around again?

I feel the need to be hold and hugged. I feel like I want physical contact. I want to fall asleep beside someone. Has been a few happy weeks to be honest. Like my job, I’m on a diet and I actually see something happening and I started liking someone new. I’m too scared to make a move, I just hope he will ask me out. It’s not about sex, it’s different. I feel like I want to know him and that’s so weird for me because I didn’t want to know someone for the last 8 years. How do you play it along? I should go there and be like “hey I know you to shagged a couple of times my friend a few years ago but I kind of find you attractive now so how about a cuppa?” Yeah. Don’t think that’s how you do it. And if my friend style it’s his standard, let’s be honest I’m the total opposite so don’t really think he could be interested in me. He is just so smiley and kind and I’m not used to it.



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