Bella is broken. 

So, this is going to be my last post. 

I feel like I’m a bubble. Like if nothing has sense. Or maybe like nothing at all. A year ago I was confused cause all I wanted to do was come back home as soon as possible to see him and now there is nothing. I’m alone. 

Tuesday I was literally freaking out so I texted him all I had in my head and my heart. I told him how much I cared, how bad I felt cause he was sad, that I would have never made him sad. That all I cared was his happiness and that I missed him so much. I offered my heart, again, on a silver plate. He throw it on the floor and walked over it. Doesn’t love or care about me, more than a friend and he will never will. 5 years ago like today. He thought I was a real friend not that I had double intentions. That really hurt. I was a friend. I’ve being standing by his side, even hoping for a happy ending just because I love him so much that the only thing that matters to me is his happiness. I’m not in that picture and I will never be. 

I hate life today. I hate love. There is so much important shit happening everyday and all I care about is him. 

I’ll never kiss those lips again. I’ll never feel his hand on me or have sex like that. I never wake up and find a text asking how am I feeling. I will never hear his voice whispering when he is inside me. And he was the one for me. The one I really would have accepted in all his sides. 

I’m broken again. I love him and he will never feel the way I feel. 




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