I feel so stupid. If anyone knows how can I stop have feelings for him and would like to set me free that would be amazing.  I just can’t do it by myself. 
Haven’t spoke with him in a week, haven’t seen him in two. I still spend my day creating some ideal situation, thinking how life could be different if he just would give us a chance. There is a funny side in it: I would never want him as a boyfriend. He is a liar, a serial cheating master. 
Today was Christmas. I was waiting for a text that never arrived, so I texted him myself. And then we chatted a little and kind of gave me hope for an after dinner situation. I’m a total control freak and been checking the phone constantly and saw he was online constantly. 

When then it was time to answer me he never connected. Still waiting for it, over an hour. He is probably banging another chick. 



One Reply to “Re-Arrenge”

  1. You are a beautiful fairy. I am sorry to say this, but there is no fast way out. You’ve got to give it time. Something that helped me in the past was to make a list with all the bad things a guy did or said and read it when i feel that istart to miss him. Also the fight fire with fire technique.When your suffering is great, create an even greater pain and distract yourself. Cut off sugar, alcohol, caffeine at once and join the gym. Trust me, after five miles on the treadmill at 7 am without even a cup of tea, all problems seem insignificant.The hot body you will get is an extra plus.
    For anything else feel free to reach out at my blog anytime!
    (*・ω・)ノ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ (゚▽゚)/ (*´∀`)ノ
    (^-^*)/ (@´ー`)ノ゙ (´• ω •`)ノ (゚∀゚)ノ゙


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