Chardonnay mon amour 

I started helping out in the family business when I was 13 during the weekends so my dad could get a couple of free hours to watch my brothers football games. I went to hotel school and was required that every year we would do a month of stage during summer, that’s when I discover how much I loved working in luxury hotels. Doing my best, pushing as much as I could to make the guests happy. When I was 19 I started the Sommelier course and to this day that’s one of my favourite part of my job. Choosing the wines, tasting them, keeping the wine list up to date, orders.. I just love being in the wine cellar taking care of my babies. 

When I started drinking wine, I fall in love with a beautiful Italian Gewurtztraminer, Nussbaumer from the winery Tramin. That tropical sweet aromatic flavour was all I was looking for in a wine. Then I had the occasion to try their  Terminum, the late harvest version of it. It was like honey in a glass. At this day one of my favourite. 

The kind of clientele I get now only drinks two things: white  Burgundy and red Bordeaux. Open one, then another, then another and tasting them all I started appreciated them more and more. 

Last month I’ve been to a big tasting in the city and I had the chance to try an amazing Puligny Montrachet from Remoissenet Pere & Fils. It’s their Premier Cru Les Combettes and I really hope you can get the chance to experience it. It’s smooth, mineral and savoury. “Rabbit loin and Foie Gras” and this wine could be a love match. Pleasure in a glass. 


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