Romeo & Julieta

You know when you just had a long day and your head is full of thoughts? That’s how I feel tonight. Bella is on the run cause she is looking for a new life. I light my R&J e the sweet mallow flavour fills my mouth, the thick white smoke surrounds me. I just love it and I fell much more relax straight away. 

Here I am, 16, sitting a La Bodeguita del Medio enjoying my first mojito with my parents. We just experience a Hurricane while staying in Varadero but nothing can’t stop us, we travelled thousands of miles to explore, definitely not “a little bit of wind”.  The notes of Che Guevara are all around and the old lady is outside smoking a big Churchill, she is one of the symbol of the city. I just love it. 

I decided to go back a couple of months ago, just after the Embargo ended and it was a shock.  Nothing is the same anymore, just the music, the butterflied lobster, the rum & my cigars. 

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